Utah for beginners...


Flying to the land of Mormons and 3.2 beer to get sun burnt and yelled at by Ski Patrol might not sound like a great idea to everyone, but it’s part of my job and if I didn’t do my job then I wouldn’t be me. So I went to Utah for an extended weekend to watch a snowboard contest and drive a rental Hyundai around the Greater Salt Lake Area. It was winter, it was spring, then it was winter again. I logged in lots of quality Pat Bridges time, I slept like a female king in a king sized bed, I went to a dive bar and a fancy restaurant. I did a method, I did a stalefish, I got tired fast and realized that I am getting worse at snowboarding.

Now I’m back in Portland, it’s hailing out and I’m wondering what the hell I’m doing with my life. Does that happen to you?




Don't worry—the Flying Tomato was there.


We went to a sushi restaurant called the Blind Dog and I'm still in awe of their dog collage.


Bridges and The Dingo. Pat finally found a sushi restaurant with mac and cheese on the menu.


Drank white wine at Hadar's house in SLC before she took us out to a fancy warehouse party and a scummy/hip bar.


Laura has great furniture, what can I say?


Evan, decompressing after our white-knuckled climb up the fire escape for a glimpse at the city skyline from the warehouse roof.


Here I am, hanging out in the art-deco bathroom at the Twilite Lounge. 


It is what it is—a bear with wings and a tutu.