March things...

Harvey Milk: A Wonderful Man harvey_milk_in_1978_at_mayor_moscones_desk

Noot Coulon: A Wonderful Dog



Hello. It's been raining here, that weird spring weather where the sun's sending steam off the wet pavement one second and then suddenly everything's geting drenched all over again. Oh, and sometimes the sun and the rain at the same time—which everyone knows leads to rainbows. Speaking of which, breakfast at Gravy on St. Paddy's Day morning—an hour of my life impeccably spent. The waitresses were all dressed in green and they were playing the Pogues over the radio. "Fairytale of Newyork" ... love that shit. A scramble with sundried tomatoes and swiss. Hot coffee. Hangman on the back of a napkin. And then a little walk in the drizzle down Mississippi to look at the spring chicks just hatched at Pistil's Nursery, white lights on strings hanging in all the shop windows along the way. Let's see, besides that, been typing. Been watching movies. Been hanging out with Noot. Been getting to know my new camera with varying degrees of success.