Belmont Spot (R*P)


A new president. An era of high hopes. Some believe change. Others are just living. Anyway, it only lasted a week or two but for a brief moment in time there was a DIY concrete QP across the street from Nemo. New Hampshire Chris and others stole over there under cover of darkness (or maybe during broad daylight, how should I know?) and built some steep-ish tranny on an un-used patch of asphalt behind the tennis courts. Topped it off with a chunk of curb and some wax, and it was good to go.


It being within 50 feet of my workplace, I partook in this spot a few times, not as much as I should of course but how was I to know?! I didn’t realize our time together would be so limited. I still had things to do over there, I even had plans to take pictures—but alas, not even that could be accomplished before the city (or whoever) came and tore it out. Gone. Barely a trace of concrete crumbs left over as evidence.


Anyway, you’d think with all the other dumb crap that goes on in that park—jousting and juggling and bicycle handstands and tai chi—you'd think that a couple skateboarders playing around on an innocent little feature would be just fine.


Like I said before, I didn’t take any pictures. The above screengrab is from a sweet video that the Tribute boys made. Paddle over there and see what I’m talking about.