Memorialize this


Even though I work for myself, so it’s not really necessary to observe holiday weekends inasmuch as I can take three days off any time I want to providing the shit's all done, even though that’s the case, I chose to observe this past Memorial Day by not working for three days straight.  It was nice. I got to spend an evening with my ladyfriends in town from San Diego for Sasquatch, I spent a long balmy day outside getting frazzled by the sun, I had big plans for Saturday night and then fell asleep on the couch, I went to the beach and watched dog owners heard their creatures around, I bbq’d,  I zoo-bombed  ...  

Good stuff, but who needs a damn holiday to do all that?


Cougs still loves Jardine from like a century ago when we all lived together on Jasper Street.


Annie pretended to be hanging out with us but was really hanging out with her iPhone.


Oh, I’ve recently become very interested in Tofutti Chocolate Cuties, sourdough bread, Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, and Elizabeth Cotten’s guitar plucking. You should look into these things. That’s all.