img_0433 When I think of camping, I mostly think of quiet. Maybe the water lapping the lake's edge. maybe the roar of the river. I mean nature has noises but they're not really noisy, you know? The thing is, I shouldn't think like that, since camping is actually just the act of sleeping out of doors—or not even that, because campgrounds are packed with RVs hooked up to Direct TV, and I'm sure the owners told their families they were going camping before they left. What I'm trying to say is that we wanted to go sleep under the stars last week and instead learned about No Trespassing signs and "Full" campgrounds, where there actually was one tent spot left, near the dumpster, and it cost $27.50 for the night. 

After much hardship and confusion, we set up camp just before dark down a long dirt road deep into the woods. We got the fire going and stabbed some dogs. And we were "camping." My favorite part was when I climbed out of the tent in the middle of the night to pee and holy shit, the sky was a vault of stars up there and the trees an inky black, the fire was still glowing a little bit, and there wasn't a single damn sound all around.