summer tripping

img_0694 It’s 101 degrees outside, or so they say, but I’m in here in the shade thinking about stepping into a cold lake. Anyhow, in celebration of July I took a week off and went home to Colorado to see my family. Family is, well, it’s family. If you have one, you know. We ate our meals on the deck and I saw 20 different kinds of wildflowers on my evening walks, surrounded by sagebrush and giddy from the altitude. I think Colorado in the summer is better than Colorado in the winter, which is an interesting conclusion because I always thought Colorado winters were great. Anyway, I’m done here. Bye. 


Mom and dad on a stroll through sagebrush and mariposa lilies.



My view as a little tyke, more or less. You see i grew up right in the notch of this valley.


My mommy's flower garden.


A place to go for a walk after dinner and be deliciously alone.