Oregon Trifecta + a Dylan Dilemma


The Oregon Trifecta came through town and I went down to Tigard like last year to see some ripping, but the scummy sleazy scene full of tatted-up flat-billers scared me away. But not before I saw Lance Mountain murder the vert walls (above) and Tim Johnson blast airs in the square pocket (below). However, I may have been the only person there not drunk.


In other news, I’m faced with a dilemma. To Dylan, or not to Dylan?


Here’s what I'm struggling with: On the one hand, the cheapest ticket would be 50 bux, and I’m a cheap-ass. On the other hand, this is Dylan. One the one hand, he’s playing in the Rose Garden—an arena of biblical proportions, and I’d be standing in the general admission staring at the backs of all the tall folks in front of me. On the other hand, this is Dylan. On the one hand, I heard he puts on a bad live show—that he’s a dick and purposely blows off the audience. On the other hand, this is Dylan.

I just don’t know, you know? What do you think?