Slammer party and good-bye Jardine

img_2186 Les Ettes had a party at the Slammer last week. This company is cool in my book. A rad group of international chicks headed up by the lovely Carmela Fleury. They make sustainable scents for ladies on the go, or something. I’m all about Sol-Ette. “Light notes of vanilla and sugar cane.” Tasty. Anyway, they are cooler still because my friend Jardine works for them, and truth be told, their party happen to fall on her last night in town. All the usual suspects were there, from the infamous Neir to Jesse Grandkoski and Mike of Grease Not Gas fame. Lots of, “What have you been up to?” Which must be the worst question ever invented. It’s one of those compulsory questions that there’s no good answer for, but I usually aim at something somewhere between “everything” and “nothing.”


Me and Jardine. We retook the photo because the first one (above) made us look like we were about to make out. Spicy!


Pat Stanton and The Neir. Go here to read about Neir's recent operation, and … Warning: it's not suitable for children.


Lance showed up in a zip-hoody with no shirt on underneath. What's not to love?!