Dude Barn B-Day and Karaoke Bonanza

img_2292 It was April 30th, a Friday and the eve of one Brandon Nemire's 30th birthday. Coincidence? I think so. A small gathering was held at the Dude Barn, his place of residence. You knew where the party was because of the high ollie contest going on in the street out front (see below). Also, flat bars in the street, ramps in the back yard. And once it got dark, Dave lit up the fire. The BBQ was Q'in, when suddenly, a hush fell over the crowd, and I heard someone mutter, "The cops are here." That's right. 8:45 p.m. and the cops were already at the front door. Kinda funny. I guess everyone was legal ’cause no one scrambled over the back fence or anything.


Steve, not makin' it.


Saw these crackers out front. The birthday boy is the one on the right.


Lovejoy's ninja stance on the front smith.


Still life, fire pit and shoe.

We split momentarily and headed to the Copper Rooster. Now, as long as I've known Lance, I've never witnessed him singing karaoke. He's more of a quiet fellow. Keeps to himself etc. But. Just when you think you know someone....they turn The Doors' "When the Music's Over" into such a maelstrom of Satanic incest ad-lib mumbo jumbo and other stoner-rock-isms that the entire bar, complete with the table full of 70 year olds behind us, just stares slack jawed, too astonished to move. I can't believe he didn't get kicked out. It was both awesome and remarkable.


Here he is, not paying any attention to the lyrics at all.