The Road

I watched this the other night. I'm not sure it should've been made into a movie, but I'm still thinking about that. The book, written by Cormac McCarthy, was dark genius, and it has a honored place in my library. Not something I'd really like to read again, mind you know—too bleak and exposing too much savage about human nature. So I was in no hurry to see the movie. I knew I'd get around to it eventually, but not in any rush to revisit the subject of the apocalypse. But anyway, it's quite true to the book. I don't know, though, you miss out on the lyric beauty of the the words, how it's a long poem that spills over the pages and you want to rush ahead but at the same time you have to stop and savor certain lines due to their inescapable perfection. Anyway, yeah, I'm still thinking about it all, but like I said, I watched it. Have you?