Do It Yourself

So...back from big road trip, revisiting skateboarding. Why not? It's still summer.

Stopped in on a ladies' session going down in this backyard bowl—built last summer by some tradesman from around town. Looks fun, right? But get this: it's even funner than it looks. Plus, it's set in a lovely garden with rows of vegetables and a shady grove of birch trees. Thank you, Mark.

Jacki, makin it chirp.

Pretty Hudson with not-so-cute leg brace. Get well soon!

Hit this popular spot on a sunny Sunday and amazingly had it all to ourselves. It's nice when folks build something useful in a place where there was only shards of glass and empty spray paint cans before. We'll see how long it lasts.

"Please take care of the spot."

"Let's go get a beer at the Nightlight." That was my big plan. It worked.