thrashin' the musical?

It's not every day that you get a text that says, "Want to come skate in Thrashin' The Musical?" But that's indeed the message that arrived via Sasha the other day. I don't much go in for doing things in front of crowds but this time figured whatever and headed down to Dante's with my board in tow.

It was an .... interesting experience. Sasha built the below ramp, so I'm not gonna hate. It had a cool rat painted on it, and some cool skulls. But other than that it was pretty deadly—small, but deadly. Add in the fact that we were skating it in the dark while it was lit on fire with 151 and you have the recipe for utter nerding-out embarrassment. Slipping and sliding everywhere. Boards shooting out into the crowd. All while some drunken actor types relived scenes from the movie on stage. My board, as luck would have it, actually shot right into the sound board near the stage. I'm sure the sound tech guy was hyped. Oh well. I'm a nerd, and suffice it to say—I'm not on my way to Broadway anytime soon. But thanks for the invite, Sash! Another story for the grandchildren, right?