No Pictures

Hello. Long time no talk. How are you? I'm fine. I've been listening to lots of O'Death and eating a honeycrisp apple every day. It is September, after all. Anyhoo, Melissa, that's my older sister, came to visit this weekend—and can you believe I didn't take a single photo? Instead I've included the above—one of her new paintings, which I find simultaneously relaxing and transcendent. Besides, I read something recently about how cameras are just a distraction from really seeing, experiencing, and remembering things. Weakens the camera in your brain, if you will. But I digress.

She arrived on a Friday and left on a Monday, giving us just over 48 hours to visit all four corners of this fair metropolis. And that we did.

Southeast: Produce Row for miraculous veggie eggs benedict.

Northeast: Together Gallery to "see some art." Pinski was there gleefully shipping packages.

Northwest: Lunch at Elephants Delicatessen. Have you been? Lavendar soda, cold caprese sandwich—nuff said.

Southwest: The Saturday Market with Lady Coulon, which included a brief Alqueada Chris sighting.

And in between it all was much time spent on the couch drinking fermented grape beverage and talking about science and science fiction.