Le Noise

True story: it's like Florida out there right now. Hot and steamy. Poor me—I already dis-installed my window-AC unit for the winter. And how about the cats? They seem pretty bummed on their fur suits right now.

Another true story: last night, I left the stuffy bedroom and tried to sleep on the somewhat cooler couch. There I was spooning the cushions, when amidst my slumber I turned over—just like I do about a billion times per night in bed. However, I was not in bed. And so I fell like a sack'a potatoes to the floor, left elbow landing first, then the rest of the package, all 120 pounds of me. Not light as a feather. Heavyweight. The sound of it woke up Lance, who rushed into the living room to find me befuddled and in pain. How dumb.

Anyway, despite all this, I'm working through the long hours of the workday, tapping my feat, Neil Young's Le Noise, is on the player, and it's good. Just him on a stool with that old electric Gretsch guitar. Lots of feedback. A little bit rock, a little bit something else. It reminds me of the soundtrack he did for that Johnny Depp/Jim Jaramusch movie Dead Man. Intense, strange, smoldering.

Here, you can listen to it in its entirety at this link.  According to NPR, "He only recorded [for Le Noise] on nights when there was a full moon." Spooky.