road runner, road runner

It's almost Christmas and we decided not go to the airport this year. Angry crowds and body scanners and other afronts to basic personal freedom ... who needs it? Instead, we're driving to Colorado by way of the American Southwest. As you know, I've long loved the desert, and it looks equally magnificent in the winter as the summer—maybe even more so, actually, because the season renders it empty and austere.

An early morning in the Columbia Gorge on our way to Salt Lake.

Possibly my favorite photo of the whole trip. He's sweeeping....

We went from feeling like we were on the moon....

to the surface of Mars.

Outside Salt Lake we stopped at Homestead Crater for a swim. The dark waters are 65 feet deep and 90 degrees—eerie/relaxing.

Salt Lake looks most lovely from afar—Antelope Island in the Great Salt Lake. I kept thinking of Frank Black for some reason, and "Palace of the Brine."

A lonely walk.

A winter sunset.

Stay tuned for more, much more....