Bon Annee

I didn't work for two weeks straight during the winter holiday thingy—but  it may as well have been two months. My inbox is now poppin' off with new assignments, but my brain is somewhere else, or full of something slow, like the thick, sticky substance that coated Nick and Justin's wood floors after the above New Years fete they threw.

I'm not sure about this photo. I mean I like the colors, but Noot looks a little weird—like an awkward spotted toddler. His Christmas sweater is very festive, though.

Did you know that despite Department of Skateboarding having been closed for months and months, skating continues to happen inside the gutted space? Yeah, that's how desperate we are during these cold, wet days. Anyway, the Koerner-Ansons came here for the New Year and this is where we whiled some time away.

I like it when boys snuggle like this. Cozy.