at the edge of the world

Hot off reading North to the Night about a dude who winters alone in the arctic darkness on a tiny sailboat, I watched this documentary about the "Sea Shepard," an environmental activist group who chases a Japanese whaling fleet into Antarctica and does "anything necessary" to stop the fleet from killing whales. All good, right? I mean who don't want to stop Japanese whaling? But ... it's an interesting movie because what I took away from it is mostly how underprepared and overly idealistic the activists were. They lose a tiny skiff piloted by two crew members for hours, having to ask the very whaling vessel they're harassing for help to find it. Later, they ram another boat, which promptly starts leaking fuel into the fragile whale/penguin habitat. I dunno. Watch it and see what you think. Hearts are in the right place, but ... a little douchey? You make the call.