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It must be hard to make a movie that everyone already knows the ending to. The guy chops his own arm off with an imitation Leatherman—hey, it was in the news. I think the best part about this film was the scenery—the austere landscape of Canyonlands. I was there in December and I'll never get over it. But I can't lie, I did spend most of the movie just going, "When's he gonna hack it off!" And I can't possibly be alone in this.

Satanists! Murders! Church burners! This is the movie about Norwegian black metal, and how these guys were and weren't what people thought they were. Pretty engrossing. Mostly what I got from it is that it's hard to know what to do to protest something. Say you're pissed about the Catholic Church's 2000 years worth of blowing it—specifically, you're pissed that they snuffed out your native religion and built a bunch of churches on all your sacred spots. So ... Burn ’em down? But then you get slapped with "Satanist" (which is't the same thing as "anti-Christian"). And somehow you're point's totally lost. I dunno ... it's a dilemma.

If you haven't yet, watch it online here.