Don't Let Em Wear You Down

Up early on this summer-like day and back at the throat of living, trying to make it all happen and do it thoughtfully and clearly and not forget even one little bit. Sometimes it all comes easily, but sometimes just getting those pieces into place is more work than possibly seems worth it, huh?

I'm still on my classics kick, just so you know, and I wanted leave you with this little thought out of From Here To Eternity, which I'm currently wading my way through—yes all 800 pages of it. Bananas.

"Everything, eventually, got old. There are gray hairs in this head too, already. But part of the process of getting old was not this gradual wearing down of a man by the seas of organization, this eating away of the rock a man could have been except for these lapping waves of affectionate regard driven by the wind of fear against the rock that always crumbled, finally——that was not part of getting old, or if it was, then getting old was wrong and there was no point to any of it and he did not like it at all, and by god I'm not having any."

So, don't let ’em wear you down.