Mid 90s Rock Out

As promised, I went to see Archers of Loaf play at the Crystal Ballroom. I haven't listened to them much since we all loved them back in college—there's just been a lot of other stuff to chomp on since. Thus, from the very first song I was instantly transported back to 1996. Boulder, Colorado, a pair of khakis from Goodwill, a pack of cloves, a coffee on the hill and then a douchey party. I was THERE. It was great.

Your mind is obviously capable of storing a lot of useless information for long periods of time, and I learned that I still knew every AOL lyric. I also realized that I can't say for certain what any single Archers of Loaf song is actually about. It felt good to finally admit it. Anyway, they opened with Audio Whore and closed with Web in Front, and everyone was ecstatic—we all jumped around plenty and yelled till we were hoarse.

Sebadoh opened up for Archers. I actually like Sebadoh but they sounded like shit. But I don't think it was a poor performance, I just think that semi-boring discordant crap passed for good in the 90s. But whatever, they played Brand New Love and everyone was happy. Thank you, Lou.