Dog Blog

Among the many changes in my life during the past year, perhaps one of the biggest was getting a dog. Or "having a puppy" as I like to think of it since many people I know are having babies and we all seem to complain about the same thing—can't get a full night's sleep and spend all day cleanin up poop.

It's amazing how you learn to love something. At first, young Lefty created chaos in my life. But then, slowly, he created stability. When you have a dog, you have to do things every day, like walk them and feed them and such. Pretty soon, those things became things that prevented the world's chaos from pressing in. On really hot days, we'd walk under the cool pine canopy at Mt. Tabor, both moving kinda slowly—me pondering the quiet, him I can only imagine pondering the cacophony of sniffs brought on by the breeze. Next thing I knew, I couldn't live without him.

Look at 'im! He used to be so cute. That's what I tell him now that he's in his awkward, lanky phase.

The feet in the waterbowl thing is cute but actually pretty annoying since it creates Lake Superior on our kitchen floor every time he does it.

What can I say, Lefty is a child of the skatepark, just like the rest of ’em.

You see, he's even down to pose with me when I'm dressed as a German tourist. Now that's devotion.