The First of Many

The older I get, the more clear I become about who my real friends are. So .. this one's for Lefty—part Newfie, part shepherd, all homey...Happy birthday!

So, you may ask, has dogsville changed my life at all in the past year? Hell yeah it has. Filthy car. Hair tumbleweeds in every corner. Poop, as a kind of looming, ever-present presence. And yet ... pure, unadulterated, unconditional love.

Kitchen threshold—hands down, still his fave spot to lay around. He just takes up a little more room now.


Thug life.


Back when he was all claws and teeth.


As guard dogs go, he's not the fiercest, but he keeps an eye on everything in his own way.


Lettin it hang out on the cool tile, what could be better?


First hike. Big Left gets his own water bottle.


Nabbed by the paparazzi at a party.


First snow! Many nips and snarfs, to be sure.


Awkward teen phase.