If you're going to San Francisco.

San Francisco: Sunshine and azure skies. Row houses. Eye watering wind. Steep streets. Fast-moving fog with a life and  mind of its own. Bum piss. The smell of bum piss. Thai noodle soup. Bridges over bright-blue bays. Haight and Ashbury. Patchouli. Hipsters in the park. Wine.


Fancy facades and paint jobs. So much time put into making the structure you live in look beautiful from the street. I'm backin it.


Dolores Park on a sunny Sunday. I'm  used to the hipster circus at Colonel Summers Park in Portland, but this was on another level.


3rd and Army. Lance likee. Cracked one straight out of the car.


Lovely front doors in the mission—this one outside Tricia's humble abode.


The colorful alleyways of Valencia.