On Moonrise Kingdom

I may be the last person on earth to do so, but I saw Moonrise Kingdom last night. Love you, Wes!

I defy you to find a better representation of how kids are little beings with adult-sized emotions and no idea how to deal with them. And how many (most) adults are big beings with life-sized emotions and no idea how to deal with them. Plus, Bill Murray, because he's a tragi-comedy genius. Plus, Bruce Willis, because he nails the lovable loser thing. Plus, Francis McDormand, because she's great.

Anyhoo, Jamie and I stopped at the Observatory for a drinksie beforehand, and it's possible that I was tipsy, but the entirety of the movie's 90s minutes floored me. And I left the theater all full of want. I wanted blue eyeshadow, STAT. I wanted a canoe. I wanted a peter-pan-collar dress for me and funky glasses for Lance and I wanted the two of us to escape to a solitary beach where I'd read aloud to him in front of the fire and we'd know that everything we cared about in the world was right THERE.