Be Better Than Champagne

So we’re on the cusp of the New Year, and I already drank/ate my weight in such things as holiday ale, Brie, and peppermint bark recently. No matter—the time to abstain is not yet upon us. We’re still essentially required to sip something special to celebrate the passing of the old and the coming of the new, right?

New Year’s cheer has been tied to an elixir called Champagne since time began, but I don’t do Champagne. Nah. Not even one glass. It just don't agree with me.

BUT, instead of Champagne, I’d like to offer up something different (maybe better?): Prosecco.

An Italian sparkling white wine, Prosecco is crisp, light, and laced with whiffs of peach, pear, and apricot or whatever. It’s much fresher and simpler than Champagne, and way less rich. It’s also fermented in a large stainless-steel vat before bottling—not with an in-bottle injection of yeast like Champagne. For this reason I find it WAY easier on the body (less inclined to dole out a life-giving hangover in the morning).

Another Prosecco plus: it’s half the price of Champagne. This lovely bottle of Adami Prosecco is only 17 bucks! So reasonable. It would be cool to sip this from the most delicate of flutes, right around midnight.