Why I Love Oregon—The Short List

February 14—it's an important holiday! No ... I'm not talking about THAT holiday. I'm talking 'bout Oregon's birthday! On this day in 1859 our fair state became a, well, a state. Although I don't have much to say about the historical significance of this, I do know how I feel about Oregon after these past nine (crikey!) years living here. I love you, Oregon.

1. Because of the green. Never a dead season here. Always something growing, something sprouting, something shooting up all hopeful toward the sun.

2. Because of the food. I have the stomach of a fucking hippy and Oregon allows me to oblige that.

3. Because of the homeys. Many, many good peoples here to be inspired by and to love and to laugh at and to throw chills with.

4. Because of my house. It's mine. I mean on paper, it's Wells Fargo's. But it's mine. A safe place.

5. Because of the skateboarding. For better or worse, it's shaped my way of life since I moved here. Create. Do things your own way. Want and need only the simple things. It's all related somehow.