Favorites 6.14.13

The wedge salad: Do you know it? A crucial salad event—half a head of lettuce, chopped down the middle and sprinkled with blue-cheese dressing, tomato, and boiled egg. Plus (if you're lucky), more blue cheese crumbles, caramelized onions, toasty croutons, et cetera. I don't do bacon. Aaanyway, I'd never even heard of the wedge until recently. I apologize for my tardiness on this matter.

Grey's Anatomy: I'm watching the whole series, start to finish. Kinda melodramatic, sure—but there's some wow moments in almost every show. Don't start an episode unless you're prepared to blow a night on three or four. Cliffhangers.

Going home: Fun is sorta fragile. It tends not to last. When the fun expires, you can feel it in the room like a drop in the air pressure. There's a skill to identifying this moment and promptly saying goodbye.

The National, Trouble Will Find Me: Didn't you know that The National had a new album? It's nice. Fraught, and sad in a lovely way. Also, two out of thirteen songs have my name in them. A sign?