Oh hi, how are you? Been a busy bunch of days since we last talked. Fourth Of July-wise, we'd all planned a giant river float, and so when the day dawned mid-70s-partly-cloudy, we fucking floated anyway. Plans are important.

It was a little hot and a little cold as the sun came and went. I forged the water face down on an air mattress, which was pretty boss until a wave smoked me in the head on the first set of rapids. Knocked my chapeau and sun spectacles right off, and refilled my Coors Light with Clackamas River water. However, when the river turned glassy-smooth and moved slowly, we all hitched our tubes together and made a giant floating friend barge. Lots of laughing and other moments of quality.

Many hours later, after we'd crawled out of the river and roasted our goosebumps in the late afternoon sun, everyone went to Hudson's house for a mini-ramp-orientated BBQ. This scene, right here—with sun-dappled yard, dogs, food, and friends—is quintessential summer stuff, non? Simple folk like myself could not ask for more.

P.S. I stole these pics from my pals' Instagram feeds. River shot: OriginalBK. Mini ramp shot: O_m_k