Favorites 8.23.13

timothy-olyphant-justified Justified: It's only a TV show—not a masterpiece or anything. Still, there's a corner in my heart for the idea of the modern day cowboy, for Lexington, for haunting hillbilly music. Plus, Timothy Olyphant!!!

Tacos: As a street food, their naturally casual. And as a non-carcass-eater, I appreciate their simplicity. Beans, cheese, a sprinkle of cilantro and chili pepper—call me good.

Home improvement: It's only a phase—I don't get OCD on my living space all the time. But the joys of patching drywall and sealing terra-cotta floor tile should not be unknown to you.  

Bob Dylan, "Went To See The Gypsy": 1970 demo song on NPR First listen right now (click HERE and let er rip). A mysterious tune that smolders with electric piano. Dylan's a wizard—he can rid you of your fear.