Island Time

654d32241a6111e3a82b22000a9f1408_7 It's Indian summer! The heat's very close, like a dog panting down your neck.

But! The idea of fall was already loosed upon us. Last week—with the season's first real rain.

I couldn't remember the last time I'd gone to the river because I didn't know it was gonna be the last time—I didn't even get to say goodbye! Closure is what I needed, so I planned a Sauvie Island river excursion for a steamy mid-week day. We sat in the warm sand and dove in the warm water, and our plastic wine cups shined like jewels in the sun.

But! It wasn't summer. The sun didn't burn me, the sky was a different color blue altogether, and the heat was cut with a pesky little breeze whispering of fog and falling leaves. Still though, it was a lovely day and a lovely drive home, and I totally wouldn't hate living out there on the island in one of those homes where water laps against your yard that are going for around 3 mill these days.