Favorites 10.7.13

cheese_toast Broiled cheese toast: Didn't you know that broiling things makes them taste better? Throw a slice of bread and a slab of cheese in the oven and in no time you'll have something that sits squarely at the intersection of melty, toasty, bubbly, and crispy. Dip it in yer soup, or don't.

When the dog stretches: A mid-nap move whereby he rolls from his side to his back, scrunches all his limbs up real tight like a baby in his mama's belly, and then stretches them up spindly and stick straight into the air above him. A groan from the depths of his canine soul. A smacking of chops. Then he's back on his side in silent slumber. It just crushes you with cuteness.

The brink of tipsy: There's an art to navigating the knife edge between sober and drunk over the course of an evening. Act dumb with yer friends, sure—but don't sacrifice those acceptable levels of PMA in the morning. A fine—nay, VERY fine balance.

Wake Up: A Life Of The Buddha by Jack Kerouac: Y'alls know how I feel about Kerouac. And the story of Buddha as told by him? I mean please! "Until recently most people thought of Buddha as a big fat rococo sitting figure with his belly out ... People didn't know that the actual Buddha was a handsome young prince who suddenly began brooding in his father's palace, staring through the dancing girls as though they weren't there, at the age of 29, till finally and emphatically he threw up his hands and rode out to the forest on his war horse and cut off his long golden hair with his sword and sat down with the holy men of India of his day and died at the age of 80 a lean and venerable wanderer of ancient roads and elephant woods."