High Temple Of Chocolate

photo The next best thing to the coffee already being brewed when you crawl out of bed in the morning (which NEVER happens) is when you come home from what could be described as the longest day evah and there's a tidy brown package sitting on your doorstep from mom and dad, and inside this tidy package are a couple treasures wrapped gently in newspaper along with a note that says "from our trip to Sicily"—and these treasures turn out to be CHOCOLATE. Yeah, the dark evening sings when you get to bite into a thick bar made in the old style with cocoa beans so freshly ground you can feel the grains sliding over your teeth. Cut with butter and sugar, spiced with the deep mysteries of a foreign land. It nearly saves your life, this type of thing.

Sicily is, your google machine will tell you, the "high temple of archetypal chocolate." I am simply lucky enough to be bound by blood to someone who has journeyed there.