Favorites 12.16.13

december2912-004 Derby pie: This is pie, sort of. A dance between chocolate, pecans, brown sugar, and Kentucky bourbon—dark as night and rich with mysteries of the South.

When your dog plays with other dogs at the park: Sweet liberty! Suddenly your hands and mind are free to wander to other things—like your text message log or how the moon looks like a fingernail clipping dropped on the horizon.

Potlucks: A table full of steaming dishes magnetically draws a party close, gives it purpose, fills the stomachs of imbibers so that they don't get wrecked when/if they take it a few sips too far.

Boy: A movie from the writer/director of Eagle vs. Shark (also a must see!)—a kinda Kiwi Wes Anderson, in my opinion. The movie involves a darkish tale, told sweetly and hilariously. Currently streaming on Netflix people. Get it.