Favorites 1.6.14

cranberry cake 4 Cranberry cake: Pockets of ruby ensconced in golden cake. Dense. Soft. The sour balancing the sweet. The only way to eat cranberries.

The Tannery: When the moon is frozen in the western sky, it's nice to ride bikes through the cold night air to this bar on 55th and Burnside. Have you been? Small, softly lit, with communal tables made of wood. The cook steps away from sautéing mushrooms to turn over the record, a chocolate lab named Filbert lolls on a rug, and thick mason jars hold all the whiskey drinks.

Making your flight: The best! Not catching an ungodly early airport shuttle that gets waylaid by a traffic accident and rerouted hours' south—getting you into the airport a full hour after your flight's taken off, which relegates you to a late-night flight that gives you four hours to waste brain cells and money sitting there in Terminal C feeling sorry for yourself … yeah, not having this happen is totally the way to go! Especially when you are trying to travel from one locale to another.

Prince AvalancheA quiet movie—but very, oddly funny. Plus, Paul Rudd's my boy.