Favorites 3.17.14

true-detective-header The last 3 minutes of every True Detective episode. A remarkable show that's very much repping dark, heady shit like Twin Peaks and Nietzsche. But the last few scenes of each episode—crikey! They wind down by winding you up with the haunting-est poetry of voiceover, soundtrack, and direction of photography. Not uplifting—but definitely captivating.

Grating and roasting your cauliflower. Discovered recently! When cauliflower encounters a cheese grater, it crumbles into a texture perfect for salting, olive oiling, and roasting on a cookie sheet until all its ragged little corners are brown and crispy. Then you can make all manor of things with it (fake rice bowl, fake pizza crust, fake hamburger meat)—or you can just, you know, eat it.

Doing whatever you want on a Saturday. Yes, yes, Sunday you'll do all that crap on your list. But Saturday, lovely sun-washed Saturday—it's the cool-down day after a hard week, made for doing exactly what you feel like with no underlying agenda. Like, parks and dogs and skateboarding and friends and long lunches at picnic tables with cups of wine and stuff.

"How to make courtesan au chocolat" via Wes Anderson and Mendl's: One is inspired to place dollops of frosting on everything.