Yard Birds

mini ramp 2 As you may know, Portland's a beaut for many reasons. One reason in particular—its bangin' backyard skate scene. I'm talking backyard bowls, quarter pipes, curbs, mini ramps ... especially mini ramps. They're my favorite. Try out a new one? I'm always down. Mini ramps tested in the name of science!

See, people here appreciate the value of a backyard. Come summer, life happens in the backyard. And ain't it sweet that that even means skateboarding?

Think about it: No precious hours wasted in the car on a rare sunny day. No waging war with skatepark undesirables. Just friends and skateboard-orientated fun. You leave a happening like that feeling dog tired and happy. Maybe sunburnt. You got to see all your pals. You got to snack on shit and drink shit and talk shit. You got to skate until exhaustion!

Simple folk like myself could not ask for more.

mini ramp 3

Hudson's on the 4th of July. Sun-dappled yard, dogs, food, and friends—quintessential summer stuff!


backyard bowl

A new backyard bowl over at Chris's house—a kind of giant garden sculpture. Magnificent use of space, non?


mini ramp

Bracewell residence training facility. Many miles logged here.


backyard blowl 1

A tiny skatepark, in a backyard, right off Hawthorne. Ain't this city grand??!!