Favorites 4.21.14

colonol summers park Evening sun breaks after dark, downpoury Saturdays: Right when you were about to turn on the tele and chock the whole day up to sweatpants, a beam of sun spears through the cloudbank. Next thing you know, you're walking across a field scattered with miniature daisies, dog by your side, squinting into the most delicious sideways sunshine.

A pile of fresh herbs: This week, I kept a mass of fresh dill in a water glass on my countertop and sprinkled piles of its chopped fronds into everything I ate. It was the best.

Decaf: Coffee is so much more than a way to wake up. It's a gustatory delight, to be savored at any hour of the day. But! I roll decaffeinated after that first morning full caff. This keeps me from sweating and chewing the insides of my cheeks all day.

Captain Phillips: A classic nail-biter action movie—minus cheesy Hollywood-action-movie acting (you get Oscar-nominated acting, instead). Based on a true story about Somali pirates hijacking a container ship off the coast of Africa. Real-deal edge-of-seat type stuff.