Happy Lefty Birthday

IMG_4912 I'm not sure that a pet's birthday warrants celebration? But it's a time marker. And like all time markers, it just means the world goes ’round.

Then again, I'm not sure I'd classify Lefty as a "pet." Not like a hamster is a pet. He's more like a confidante. One who concerns himself with my doings at all times and who, best of all, sends me constant love beams without an ounce of guile. He's always on my team—sometimes he's the only one, but, it's enough, you know, sometimes.

Anyway, I've already talked at length about my thoughts on canines and the happy friendship they supply. No real need to delve further. Maybe just a salute—perhaps with a celebratory pigs ear and a handsome new collar—to 3 years in the life of Lefty.


Thursday morning scenery.



Snow bonanza this past February. Joy! 



Posing next to his exquisite portrait by Brent Wick.



Family trip to Yosemite, 2012.