The May Report

tomato starts The first week of May, gone.

Drank: Cazadores tequila, in a small cool glass with a salty rim. Baptized with a squeeze of lime juice. A few sips and you're all toasty inside.

Skated: Bracewell backyard mini ramp for like 17 minutes on Friday night before swollen clouds broke into downpour and we all ran in the house where the air was humid like walking through a swimming pool.

Made: Incendiary potato salad with dressing of salt, chives, and greek yogurt. Was told it was "pretty good for not having mayo."

Planted: Bright, young tomato starts outside in the dark earth. I raised them up from little babies—how proud I am of their strong stems and leaves!

Free-lanced: Spreadsheets—hours of them, through the late afternoon—but a garden, a breeze, and happy pet hijinks to go with.

free lance