How To Move A Mini Ramp

10299726_777919578894298_928605635_n Not too long ago, I saw vast expanses of aromatic sage brush, scorched mountainsides dressed in nothing but black trees, clouds of red dust, and one tiny, pale scorpion with pinchers fast and sharp. I was down in Sisters helping Sasha rescue an unused, disassembled mini ramp off some "farm land" there. A U-Haul was involved.

I was only along for the ride, but really, there's no such thing. Unbeknownst to my earlier-in-the-day self, I'd be tasked with driving that big ol' truck up and over Santiam Pass through the darkest, rainiest evening of early May. Now, I've never driven a 20-foot U-Haul weighed down with the bones of a mini ramp before, but I did okay. The gas pedal stayed on the floor. The wheels turned true. The V like 100 or whatever engine kept us at an an even 55 on all of the uphills. Round about 11 p.m., our little caravan pulled onto the wide lanes of Gladstone Street in Portland, Oregon, and an old ramp found a new home.


A band of traveling carnies.


A pair of painted shoes, and a mini ramp nestled into SE Portland.