Favorites 6.9.14

IMG_0814 Summer city street at night: People, dogs, drunkards. Hustle. Tears and laughter. Just, LIFE—unfolding right there in front of you on your picnic table drinking your beer.

Whole milk in your coffee: "Whole," as in, how it came out of the cow's insides. Not so thick that you can't pour a healthy amount in, but deeply rich and creamy—creating a cup that wants not for sugar nor cinnamon sprinkles.

The promise of June: The sun abides; the sky opens up and is blue in the way you would hope the sky to be. My garden looks better than it does at any other time of year in June (everything ragingly in bloom, the lawn still green, etc). And it's just the beginning.

Breaking your iPhone screen a week after you're eligible for an upgrade: Drop your phone 800 times over the course of two years and it remains serene. The second you're contractually allowed to get a new one, the old one's screen splinters into a million diamond shards against the sidewalk one afternoon. The next day, you walk into the Verizon store and get an i-5S, which is cool as F (even to someone "not into" electronics).