What To Do With Vodka

mini west linn skatepark The weather got its act together sometime yesterday afternoon. Auspiciously—because tomorrow is July.

Like we need any reason beyond bright yellow sunshine to buy vodka, but here's why I need a bottle of Monopolowa, STAT: I made rose-petal simple syrup. What I did was I walked into my backyard and clipped some hot-pink rose flowers that were wildly in bloom. "Foraging" is what the kids are calling it these days. I tore the petals and placed them in a pot with equal parts water and sugar (a cup of each, I reckon)—simmering them for a few, letting them sit for a few, and straining.

My big plan now is: Combine with vodka and soda water, and drink. The end. Wanna come over and have one with me?

rose simple syrup1

rose simple syrup2