Favorites 9.11.14

IMG_1158 Puppies: Obvi, right? But the the way they wiggle into your lap and happily thrash about there, gnawing on your knuckle with pin-sharp baby teeth—it's what should be in the dictionary under the entry titled "joy."

Oat milk: I did a tour of alternative milks recently—brandishing hemp milk with coffee, pouring rice beverage over cereal, dipping cookies into iced-cold almond milk, all before encountering oat milk. Did you know this was a thing? It's the best! Oats are velvety rich and naturally sweet—no need for added "cane sugar" or other nonsense like that.

Pimm's lemonade. Lemonade and the gin-based liqueur known as "Pimm's," plus cucumber, plus mint, plus orange slices. Tuck this cocktail away in your hat for the next languid sunny afternoon.

Anthony Bourdain's new show on CNN. Good ol' Tony—he's kind of a chauvinist asshole but that's what you end up loving about him.