First World Problems Of Mine

2b19e980295c11e39a1922000a9d0dee_8 Look, it's October, and you and I both have gutters to clean and those juice-bursting, perfumey Asian pears to eat.

However, last week my refrigerator broke and I was forced to put everything in a cooler to wait five days for a repairman, and the cooler being small, I had to throw away a crap ton of food like the Heinz relish that's been chilling since 2008 at least.

Also? Instagram's (only) cool because it makes you think creatively (maybe), but I realized recently that I'm too lazy to take out my phone and snap pics of cool shit anymore—instead, having fallen into this slovenly habit of just screen-grabbing other people's shots who were in attendance to repost in an "I was there" sort of way. Pathetic,  huh? Or maybe ... maybe I'm just living my life?