Saturday Night Stuff

IMG_1383 On Saturday night, I rode my bike all over town, but mainly to a foot stompin' show near Belmont Street—a benefit for My Voice Music put on by The Lonesome Billies, my fave Portland old-country band.

Last year, I attended the same event, with the same people, on the same bike. This is a big deal, because it's late October—and normally you can't ride your bike drunkly around town in late October on account of the damn, damn rain. However, both this year and last, soaring down dark, empty streets with leaves flying away in our wake happened, so perhaps it's all predestined.

Along this ride, we breaked for a stiff drink on Burnside Street, forged a crowd waiting to get into a "Burning Man after party," and were nearly scooted off the road by a left-turning semi truck. It was all good—all part of the journey.

Upon our arrival, pro-skater Leo Romero’s band Travesura played—who I've been following since I stumbled upon their show last winter—and much dancing immediately ensued. The place was filled with pals. Strings of white lights winked overhead. Arms hung over the necks of neighbors, and everyone sung along. It was a pure good time (for a good cause) that should def not be missed by the likes of you next year, okay?


October street gang.