Favorites 11.3.14

christoph_waltz_37944 Christoph Waltz: Apropos number 4 on this list—an adept character actor that plays hyper-charistmatic good guy and bone-chilling bad guy within a hair's breadth.

Sauna-ing post gym: Sweating in a hot, cedar-scented room is a nice way to battle gray-day doldrums, seasonal sniffles, stress, and so on. The steady onslaught of heat causes blood flow to flush through your body in a healing manner. It also relaxes the mind and soothes the respiratory system, breaking up phlegm and the like (which is why old-timey doctors always sent their TB patients to the hot-ass, dry-ass desert).

Theo Ginger Dark Chocolate: The crushed-velvet richness of dark-as-night chocolate; the crunch and spicy warmth of candied ginger. New lesson from my corner? Buy the good chocolate—it's just worth it (esp. if you're down for getting all feel-good-organic-fair-tradey) (which I am).

Django Unchained: Did y'all know this is streaming on Netflix right now? Def worth a second watch. Lurid, violent, funny, badass—Quentin T does these things pretty great, I reckon.