Favorites 11.24.14

10809746_950956258266775_1135590067_n Waterfalls: Hiking to them, specifically. In the rain, specifically. I don't even wear a rain jacket—just get my clothes wet all the time. It's senseless. Except, it's not. Because you become one with the water at some point. Lightening flashes. Thunder booms. The dogs' ears go back. And then around a corner, there it is: magnificent whitewater pounding forth and turning the dark pool pale green.

Macadamia nuts: The most extravagant of all the nuts. Say you're eating them for their selenium and essential fatty acids. Ignore how much they cost.

The Moth, in person: Sitting in a bar listening to people tell 6-minute true stories in front of a microphone. Laughing if they're funny. Misting up if they're sad. Allowing the entire evening to shame your own fear of public speaking.

Begin Again: I did not hate this rom-com with Kiera Knightly and Mark Ruffalo. And Catherine Keener. And Mos Def. And Ceelo. And guitar music. And a non-typical Hollywood ending. Plus, my old pal Josh Zickert randomly riding a BMX bike past the camera. Hi, Josh!