What I Want To Watch

20,000 Days On Earth: Nick Cave is a go for me. This movie depicting a fictional day in the life of Nick Cave? I'll bite. Maybe it'll lift us to a more perfect understanding of the kind of brain that gives birth to albums like A Boatman's Call, to books like And The Ass Saw The Angel, and to movies like The Proposition. (If you haven't yet, then obvi listen, read, and watch all these things immediately.)



True Detective, Season 2:  As said elsewhere, this is a worthy show repping dark, heady shit like Twin Peaks and Nietzsche. For Season 2 cast, we get Vince Vaughn and Collin Ferrell. The latter is kinda a pinhead, but the former, well, to the former I profess my undying adoration. Love you, Vince!


St. Vincent: I don't know too much about this movie but I can imagine that the director was just like, let's put Bill Murray and Melissa McCarthy in the same movie and let ’em just dial up the magic.