Favorites 1.26.15

IMG_0369 Foggy-Night Quiet: Spectral stillness is the secret known only to people out 2 a.m. when the streets are empty and the fog has cloaked everything, causing the traffic lights to hover inside halos of vapor.

Leeks: Leeks didn't used to be part of my repertoire. I think I thought they were some kind of potato? Anyway, they're pretty magic. The savory edge of an onion, but more rich and buttery. Cut one up, sauté it, and throw it in anything—that is, if you like delicious.

2-Day Dirty Hair: It's a basic equation. The day you wash your hair: regrettably poofy—it can't be helped. The next day: acceptable but still unruly. The 3rd day: just right.

Peaky Blinders: An epic turn-of-the-century Brit gangster drama on the BBC (also streaming on Netflix tho!). Everything is perfect: The music (Nick Cave/PJ Harvey/Dan Auerbach from the Black Keys), the direction of photography (elegant Old-World gothic), the casting, et cetera. From a female perspective, getting to look at a bunch of bad asses (including but not limited to Tom Hardy) with cool haircuts and accents—I ain't mad at it.

Peaky Blinders