Favorites 2.2.16

IMG_1103 Cleaning the garage. It once held a mini ramp, and more recently, a very persistent rodent. Right now, though, my garage is strictly a purgatory of stuff. My stuff. Old roommates' stuff. Ex boyfriends' stuff. Former homeowners' stuff. Maybe even your stuff? It's possible. The important thing is that I've been cleaning and organizing it, and in addition to fulfilling my pathological need for order, I've unearthed a treasure trove: 2 skil saws, 3 orbital sanders, bike fenders, a staple gun, spray paint in a myriad of colors, and so much more. It's like Christmas morning!

Taco potluck. See, I buy the tortillas and tequila, you bring over your favorite taco fillings. What could be easier, cheaper, more delicious, tipsier?

Theo Peppermint Stick Dark Chocolate. There're way too many houses still draped in Christmas lights around here. It's messing with my feng shui. But! This limited edition left over from the holidays is fine by me. The crushed-velvet richness of dark-as-night chocolate; the crunch and coolness of peppermint candy. As I've stated elsewhere, it's so super worth it to buy the really good chocolate (esp. if you’re down for getting all feel-good-organic-fair-tradey) (which I am).

Pretending it's spring. The other day, I felt a barely warm breeze and got all excited thinking about spring. This caused me to hurry to the nursery and browse seeds for my future veggie garden, all the while caught up in a kind of frenzy dreaming about the fresh salsas and salads I'd make when the warm months returned. If this is crazy, I don't wanna be sane.

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